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River City Aquatics

River City Aquatics is an innovative and expanding tropical fish store serving Austin, Texas. Focusing on today’s professional and amateur aquarium enthusiasts, we offer all levels of equipment, livestock, and care.

Our store has Freshwater and Saltwater aquarium specialists on hand at all times to answer specific questions and assist with improving each aquarium’s environment. We have a large selections of rare and common Freshwater tropical fish, live plants, invertebrates and African cichlids are on display in our large fish room. We also have colorful and rare saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates from all over the world are available in our marine area.

We follow the latest trends in aquarium equipment technology, chemical additives, filtration and husbandry. Our dry goods contain lighting, filtration, maintenance equipment, additives and filtration media from today’s leading manufacturers to suite every aquarium need. Aquariums large or small, leading edge or following traditional practices, our staff is available to help with every setup and environment.