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SeaChem AquaVitro Reef

Historically, reef-centric product lines were established on a foundation of knowledge and developed through the assimilation of data as it arose. Understandably, new information about reef keeping yields new reef products, but these new revelations have typically resulted in broadening a product line, rather than refining it. And while this process has basically worked, we thought it was time to take a step back and rethink reefkeeping.

Starting from a foundation of chemistry and reef physiology, we have distilled the essential components into a no-compromises, rigorously optimized product line. Primary focus during development was given not only to the requirements of the reef but also to the requirements of the hobbyist. The results of our efforts are now at hand - the result is aquavitro™. The paradigm shift has begun.

Our goal is to have a line that is an outlet for rapid response to the advent of new technologies and information as they arise, something we couldn’t do with the very well established Seachem line. We’ve distilled the essential components of reef keeping into a no compromises, rigorously optimized product line. We’re committed to maintaining that optimization.