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Reef Farmers

Reeffarmers (owned and operated by Steve Tyree) is true to its name, distributing corals from many different farmers. We are also even drop shipping some special orders through farmers now. So if you are looking for that rare exotic, and you want someone to find the real deal, Reeffarmers has been specializing in Acropora longer then anyone else right now. We have numerous contacts and can hunt down that rare to find sps coral. Reeffarmers main product lines include: Limited Editions, Route Editions, Farmed Sponge Packs, Drop Shipped Exotics and Farmed Corals. All of our product lines, except the sponge packs, are currently distributed through the Buy It Now web page. And no, we cannot find the Toxic Spill Montipora or Wet Thumbs Margarita Acropora LE corals right now. And if anyone has a true lineage source please drop a message to [email protected]