Presenters | C4


Christopher Page

Christoper Page is a restoration senior scientist working with Dr. David Vaughan and the MOTE Tropical Research Laboratory in Summerland Key, Florida ( He'll be discussing their techniques and efforts to

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Rachel M. Wright

Rachel is a graduate student working with "Mish" Matz at the University of Texas at Austin's Dept. of Integrative biology. The Matz lab is an ecological genomics lab working predominantly with reef-building corals. Their main research projects are: (1) Adaptive genetic variation in reef-building corals. They use genetics and genomics to discover molecular determinants of thermal tolerance, dispersal range, and symbiosis specificity, and trace their evolution in natural populations.

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Steve Tyree

Steve Tyree has been keeping reefs since 1989/1990. He was one of the first people in US to buy an Acropora colony from a Reef store. Steve was also one of the early SPS Reefers. He has spoken at 4 Macna's, 2 WMCs, England, numerous Clubs, has written 5 books, numerous articles and has owned and operated 3 companies in the captive Reef market. Two current companies are Reeffarmers and the Coral Farmers Market company. Steve has propagated and sold a few thousand coral fragments and has organized or cohosted over 40 coral shows.

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