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Rod's Food

Providing your salt water aquarium with the finest foods, Rod's is the he Original "Complete Reef Food" with the very best ingredients that will feed your entire reef!

We would also like to announce the New Improved Rods Food. We've made the best even better by adding another plankton to the extensive list of ingredients in our foods. The Original, Herbivore and Fish Only blends now contain Pacific plankton. Pacific plankton (Euphausia sp.) is a small krill that highly resembles Mysis shrimp, but unlike Mysis, the Pacific krill is a salt water species with high levels of astaxanthin and omega 3 fatty acids.

Its not the variety of ingredients that make your fish, corals, and other invertebrates go crazy for Rod's Food, it's the way the ingredients are blended that generates the intense feeding response from virtually every animal in your reef. Anyone can take a list of ingredients and blend them together, but we at Rod's Food have many years of experience and learning that has made our blending process unique. Rod's Food is made by hand in our U.S. facility, not machine processed overseas.

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