Steve Tyree | C4

Steve Tyree

Steve Tyree has been keeping reefs since 1989/1990. He was one of the first people in US to buy an Acropora colony from a Reef store. Steve was also one of the early SPS Reefers. He has spoken at 4 Macna's, 2 WMCs, England, numerous Clubs, has written 5 books, numerous articles and has owned and operated 3 companies in the captive Reef market. Two current companies are Reeffarmers and the Coral Farmers Market company. Steve has propagated and sold a few thousand coral fragments and has organized or cohosted over 40 coral shows. This presentation will be an introduction to the recently released book CMAT Volume 2 (The Cryptic Zonal System), a completely natural filtration method based upon cryptic cave sponges. There has been some new scientific research the past decade that supports this method. The book also contains about 12 years worth of Steve's second phase research. This filtration method can achieve the smallest power consumption foot print for any captive based system. About 4 chapters in the new book are discussed in this brief presentation. The new book can be purchased and directly downloaded from the link below. Use the 30% off coupon code, lonestarstate, which is good until the end of the month. The new book is CMAT Volume 2.