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Presentation - Studying Coral Health with Next-Gen Sequencing

A presentation of Rachel's graduate research revealing mechanisms by which corals manage immune challenges. Corals display extensive variation in immune parameters: some corals are more resistant to disease stress than others. We'll explain why one coral is "better" than another using various laboratory techniques, such as enzymatic immune assays and gene expression profiling. We'll also examine differences in corals' algal and bacterial symbionts via RNA-seq and 16S rRNA sequencing, respectively. These insights into the physiological parameters associated with resistance enhance our understanding of the complex mechanisms of coral disease and facilitate the development of diagnostic tools to assist reef management practices.

* Note * "Misha" Matz was originally scheduled to speak but will be unable to attend. Replacing him on the schedule is Rachel Wright, also from the Matz lab.

Rachel M. Wright
Date / Time: 
Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 14:00