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Austin Aquadome

The Aqua-Dome, for those who may be wondering, is named as such because the building is in fact a monolithic dome. Built in 1986, the structure was first opened as a fish and exotic bird store called "The Reef". Current owner Gary Coffman purchased the location in 1998 with plans to consolidate his many pet business ventures into his masterwork -- a no-holds-barred tropical fish store. Located in 78704 south Austin and being such an odd building, the Dome was truly the perfect spot to begin creating Austin's most unusual fish store. Using his ties to industry distributors in Texas and tropical fish importers on both coasts, Gary soon filled the Dome with the most effective filtration and accessories and a selection of fish Austin had never before seen. The Aqua-Dome has continued to build upon this idea, constantly changing to accommodate more and rarer fish, and evaluating and changing our dry goods selection to present our customers the most useful and valuable of the world aquatics industry's product offerings. We keep fish ourselves, and we stock fish that we would love to have in our home aquariums. The Aqua-Dome staff is here to help interested hobbyists make sense of the information presented online and by other retailers and choose a fish keeping system that is affordable and practical. We also pride ourselves in being able to acquire exotic live animals at a fraction of the cost of online or local retailers.

1604 Fortview
Austin, TX 78704
United States